The god of the learning. Nishikiyama-Tenmangu

Nopporo-the militiaman settled from each prefecture of each 1885, 1886, Kyusyu prefecture and Yamaguchi,Hirosima,Okayama,Tottori to Hokkaido.It reclaimed a primitive jungle and there was a ritual as "the authority in the heart" of the immigrant.It got a minute soul from 1889, Ise-Jingu and there was a ritual.In 1987, 100year's passed and did a commemoration function.Then, as "Nishikiyama-shrine", it was worshiped as the keeper god in the Nopporo area, the god of the good harvest.
It leads looking-up today in the god virtue of "Tenjin-Sama" since getting the soul for Sugawara-Michizaneko from Dazaifu-Tenmangu in Kyushu, 1973. And changing the name of Nishikiyama-Tenmangu.In 1990, it received the sapling of the Japanese apricot from Dazaifu-Tenmangu and a plum orchard was developed by the precincts. Also, when becoming a taking an examination season, the student preparing for taking an examination in each place in Hokkaido including the junior high school and the high school student nearby comes to the pass prayer.